Ridmii Avy Unique Design Most Realistic Love Doll

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Size: 150cm
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Avy is a Russian model with lush hair, she likes swimming, Bikini-sort is her favourite which can exposr her curve and inevitable charisma to the people arround her.

Her light-green eyes staring at you with her thought, her hands grasping your private parts with mildness. Avy wanna your stuff to poke lightly and deeply into her, and she guesses the posture of you two on the sofa will make the whole coitus process easy to go. This kind of stimulation to the end made Mrs Avy beautiful to the depths of her heart. There were waves of water and waves in her mouth. The sound keeps on.

Head Material: Silicone

Body MaterialMedical Grade TPE

Advantage of Silicone Head: Lifelike, looks more beautiful than TPE head.

Advantage of TPE Body: Soft, more similar to human skin, better to use.

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