Ridmii Unique Design Realistic Silicone/TPE Sex Doll - Anna

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Size: 150cm
Head Material: Silicone Head
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Anna has an enchanting face with freckles on her nose wing. She is always a cool muse for man, once you stare at her eyes, you will unwillingly be attracted by her dangerous beauty, she is a deep woman, never talking too much, but preferring throwing gaze at the man she thinks that deserves.

She is a noblewoman who likes you to buy her luxurious jewels, nothing can be better than adorning her with your splashy money, but the material need is just one of her requirements, Beauty never satisfies themselves on simple things, she likes exploring and sometimes becomes a sex master for the man who knees down for her, she likes fresh things, and she knows you like her extraordinary curvy body with the lovely chest. She says her favorite thing is to take adventures with you whenever and wherever you want.

Head Material: Silicone

Body MaterialMedical Grade TPE

Advantage of Silicone Head: Lifelike, looks more beautiful than TPE head.

Advantage of TPE Body: Soft, more similar to human skin, better to use.

Height: 150 CM

Shoulder Width: 32 CM

Bust: 85 CM

Waist: 47 CM

Hip: 88 CM


Height: 160 CM

Shoulder Width: 32 CM

Bust: 92 CM

Waist: 55 CM

Hip: 95 CM

Weight:  47 KG


Height: 165 CM

Shoulder Width: 36 CM

Bust: 92 CM

Waist: 53 CM

Hip: 98 CM


Height: 170 CM

Shoulder Width: 38 CM

Bust: 96 CM

Waist: 63 CM

Hip: 104 CM

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