US Stock - RIDMII Eunice Realistic BBW Sex Doll Huge Breasts Love Doll

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1.This realistic sex doll has huge breasts, cute short hair, sexy body shape, her beautiful face looks like a real young girl, she is waiting for you to have fun with her in the room.
2.Her body is super soft with medical level TPE material, she will make you shiver with pleasure each time you touch her ass and breasts.
3.There are three holes in her body: Oral, vaginal, anal, so it'll be fantastic to have different sex positions with her. You can move her joints to meet your daily needs.


Height: 157cm
Weight: 32kg (70.55lbs)
Billing weight: 42kg (92.59lbs)
bust: 87cm (34.25")
The waist: 50cm (19.69")
Hip: 87cm (34.25")
Under bust: 62cm (24.41")
Shoulder width: 32cm (12.60")
Arm length: 50cm (19.69")
Hand length: 16cm (6.30")
Leg length: 83cm (32.68")
Foot length: 19cm (7.48")
Arm circumference: 23cm (9.06")
Thigh circumference: 43cm (16.93")
Calf circumference: 27cm (10.63")
Neckline: 26cm (10.24")
Oral depth: 13cm (5.12")
Vaginal depth: 18cm (7.09")
Anal depth: 17cm (6.69")
Package dimensions: 145*42*34cm (57.09*16.54*13.39 inch)

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