Eftychia 170cm S7 Realistic Sex Doll Desert Lady Medium Breasts Silicone Head Implanted Hair TPE Body



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Head Material: Silicone

Body Material: TPE

Advantage of Silicone Head: Realistic, looks more beautiful than TPE head.

Advantage of TPE Body: Soft, more similar to human skin, better to use.


1. This real-life sex doll has a height of 170cm, she is as high as you, it's comfortable to let her stand or lie when having fun with her.
2. When you first meet her, you'll be amazed at the variety of sexual positions she can perform, vaginal sex, and anal sex is not enough for her, she is dying for you to give her more sex.
3. She comes with silicone head, TPE body, realistic implanted hair, medium breasts, we believe she can be your ideal soulmate. It's possible to customize her appearance, body type and vagina.


Height: 170cm
Net Weight: 40kg (88.18lbs)
Billing weight: 51kg (112.43lbs)
Bust: 89cm (35.04")
Waist: 57cm (22.44")
Hip: 98cm (38.58")
Shoulder width: 36cm (14.17")
Arm length: 51cm (20.08")
Hand length: 15cm (5.91")
Leg length: 80cm (21.50")
Foot length: 20cm (59.06")
Arm circumference: 27cm (10.63")
Thigh circumference: 56cm (22.05")
Calf circumference: 35cm (13.78")
Neckline: 32cm (12.60")
Vaginal depth: 18cm (7.09")
Anal depth: 17cm (6.69")
Package dimensions: 159*42*34cm (62.60*16.54*13.39 inch)

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