Welcome to the BestRealDoll intermediate custom sex dolls page, BestRealDoll currently has over 500 sex dolls in a variety of styles. Then again, each person will have more unique fantasies and preferences when it comes to their sexual experience, as we further offer a comprehensive custom sex doll service to satisfy any customer in need.

BestRealDoll uses the most advanced technology to create dolls that are as realistic as possible. All it takes is for you to email us information about the doll you would like to customize, and we can bring your vision to life. The following information is required for BestRealDoll to customize a sex doll:

1. Provide a reference photo of what you want to customize, or a photo you find on our website.

2. Choose the basic information of the doll: sex doll size, material, hairstyle, skin color, bone structure, tongue, shoulders, breast type, areola color and size, veins, fixed vagina or interchangeable vagina, pubic hair, vagina color, nail color, tattoos, standing feet, etc.

3. You can also customize some special features: heating, touch vocalization, voice conversation, automatic oral sex, removable function, electric buttocks, electric sucking vagina, etc.

Note: Some additional features are available for an additional fee, so please contact us with any questions.

If you don't have a specific photo, you can also find your favorite head and body at BestRealDoll, we support free mix and match. Since different dolls have different skin tones and textures, please choose the same skin tones and textures for the head and body shocking mix and match.

BestRealDoll Customization Process

1. Customer provides photos
You will need to provide clear, high-quality photos of the person you want to customize, and the photos should show the face and body of the task from different angles, as well as any distinguishing features. Until the BestRealDoll customization team has confirmed that the photo you provide can be used as a custom reference. The customer pays for the custom sex doll order.

2. Sculpting or modeling
Based on the photos you provide, an artist or sculptor will create a clay or 3D model of the sex doll. We may communicate with you during this process to ensure that the model accurately represents the desired features and characteristics.

3. Modeling
Once the clay or 3D model is completed, an image or video of the model will be provided to the customer for their review and confirmation. The 3D model will then be used to create a mold for the final product.

4. Production
Once the mold is completed, the sex doll can be produced using the material of choice. It can be made of silicone or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), depending on the desired texture and feel of the sex doll you want.

5. Makeup for dolls
The make-up artist or technician can discuss make-up options and ask the client for their preferences, including facial make-up and body make-up. This can include discussing the desired skin tone, eye color, lip shape, body paint, and any other features that the client wants to emphasize.

6. Quality Controllability
Dolls are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they meet the client's specifications and that the product is free of defects or problems.

7. Shipping
Once the sex doll is completed, it is shipped to the customer in discreet packaging, usually with no identifying information on the packaging or shipping label.

NOTE: For all customized orders, we will send the doll’s factory picture to the customer for confirmation before we ship the order after completing the production. If the customer never replies to the confirmation email, after 3 times confirmation, we will default the customer to confirm the doll's factory picture and arrange the shipment.

Rules for BestRealDoll custom sex dolls:

1. Please ensure you have the permission or authorization of the doll you want to build and customize.

2. Our custom-made dolls based on photos will have a similarity rate of up to 95%.

3. The final doll is handmade and may vary slightly due to data measurement and hand painting/makeup.

4. We do not accept the use of children's photos to customize sex dolls.

5. Custom orders will be confirmed with the customer and once production begins, no refunds or cancellations will be accepted for any reason.

Unlike existing sex doll orders, custom sex dolls based on real people is a very personalized choice, the process requires multiple checks and modifications, and production time will also be longer than ordinary doll orders, before starting production will confirm with the customer every step, custom orders have been placed, it does not support the cancellation, thank you for your support and understanding.

BestRealDoll currently has many sex dolls available for customization, click to check our 1/1 custom sex dolls page and start choosing your unique sex doll!



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