BestRealDoll is based on the principle of quality and service first, We provide the best quality adult dolls while offering the best service. The 7-day free return service can guarantee buyers a worry-free after-sales service. When buyers do not want or are not satisfied with the doll after receiving the doll, they can apply for a free return on the site within 7 natural days, and get a free return label after approval. At BestRealDoll, buyers can buy their dream relistic sex dolls with confidence!

Conditions of 7-day free return service
1. Buyers need to apply for return within 7 natural days since delivery, beyond this time, this service will not be available.

2. Buyers need to ensure that the packaging is not opened or opened without using or damaging the doll and packaging, Returns of dolls that are not available for secondary sale will be refused.

3.The audit requires the buyer to take a video of the entire outer box as well as the original shipping label, and the inside of the box (if opened) as evidence of the return. The video should be clear and smooth for the auditor to check.

4. Buyer should ensure that the buyer returns the doll and related accessories (such as heating rods, wigs, clothing, combs, cleaning tools, manuals, etc.) complete and maintain the original quality and function, no damage, staining, no use) and other circumstances. After we receive the doll, we will strictly check if it meets the return requirements to ensure that it is the same as the product shipped by the seller and is in good condition.

5. 7-day free return service is only for orders shipped from overseas warehouses in some countries (USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Australia, Brazil, Spain, France, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium), factory shipments or custom orders or orders from other countries are not eligible for free return service.

6. If you do not want it, please contact our customer service in the first place, do not damage the product to prevent the inability to return it.

7. Buyers who meet the return conditions can get only one chance of free return service.

Steps for 7-day free return
1. When the buyer is not satisfied or does not want it after delivery, please contact us and send pictures and videos for checking. We will send a return link after we have checked and approved.
2. Click on the return link to submit pictures and videos, after approval, the buyer will get the return shipping label.
3. Buyer needs to send the package to the designated courier point for return, pickup is not supported.
4. The claim service starts after the service provider receives the goods and passes the inspection.
5. The seller receives the claim payment and refunds to the buyer.

7 Days Free Return Claims and Services
1. For the insured's transaction orders, if the buyer requests "return and refund" within 7 days after receiving the goods, after the insurer's approval, one transaction order can enjoy the right to return the goods to the designated warehouse for free. It should be noted that the insurer will not be responsible for the following cases:
(1) The buyer claims a refund, or the situation where the platform is judged to be responsible for a refund only;
(2) The buyer is deemed not to have received the goods, or received the goods as an empty package, missing or omitted product (only the missing or omitted product parts) of the situation;
(3) The buyer is deemed to have received the goods as damaged, the product function is not available, or other situations that do not meet the "consistent and intact, does not affect the secondary sale";

2. For goods to be returned after the insurer's examination, the policyholder shall urge the buyer to deliver the goods to the following specified location through the logistics provider designated by the insurer or arrange the logistics provider by itself in accordance with the time limit of the platform. Among them:
(1) If the buyer fails to deliver the goods to the logistics provider designated by the insurer within the specified time limit of the platform; or if the buyer arranges the logistics provider by himself and fails to deliver the products to the designated return warehouse within the specified time limit of the platform, the insured will be deemed to have voluntarily waived the right to return the goods. After the waiver, the insurer will no longer arrange for the return of the product and will not bear the insurance liability.
(2) In case of multiple returns of goods under the same transaction order, the buyer can only enjoy the right to return the goods free of charge when the first return is made and the insurer's designated logistics provider is chosen to carry the goods, and the related logistics costs are borne by the insurer. For buyers to arrange their own logistics providers, or the second or more returns occurring under the same order, the relevant logistics costs shall be borne by the buyers themselves, and the insurer shall not bear such costs.
(3) The insurer shall bear the risk of damage, loss and delay in the process of using the logistics provider designated by the insurer; if the buyer arranges the logistics provider on its own, the buyer shall bear the risk of damage, loss and delay in the process of the carrier, and the insurer shall not bear this risk.

3. After the goods arrive at the return warehouse, the insurer and the designated service provider will verify the goods received in two natural days; verify whether the returned goods and the purchased goods are "consistent and intact, and do not affect the secondary sale". Specifically, this means that
(1) The item goods can maintain the original quality and function; the insured shall ensure that the buyer returns the item goods and related accessories (such as heating rods, wigs, clothing, combs, cleaning tools, manuals, etc.) complete, and maintain the original quality and function, no damage, stains, no use) and other circumstances, no signs of use of the appearance class that are difficult to restore the original state, unreasonable traces of personal data use.
(2) Buyers based on the need to check and open the project goods packaging, or to confirm the quality and functionality of the project goods and reasonable debugging does not affect the integrity of the goods. For the use of project goods beyond the need to check and confirm the quality and function of goods, resulting in a large depreciation of the value of goods, the goods are considered incomplete.
(3) packaging as a necessary part of the project goods, its deficient condition easily lead to the depreciation of the value of the project goods, it should be returned to ensure the integrity of the project goods packaging. Project commodity packaging integrity refers to the original packaging is not missing, the overall structure of the package is intact. However, unavoidable morphological changes in the process of packaging transportation or disassembly, such as moderate deformation, stains, local damage, etc., are not considered to affect the integrity of the project commodity packaging.

4. After completing the verification for the goods received, we will judge the responsibility of all parties and decide whether the amount paid by the buyer should be returned, as well as the amount and proportion of the return. At the same time, the insurer will also make its own product verification results, and make a claim conclusion within one natural day after the completion of the verification of:
(1) The insurer will refuse to settle the claim if the results of the verification do not meet the above requirements, based on the verification of whether the goods meet the "consistent and in good condition and do not affect secondary sales".
(2) The insurer's compensation is limited to the actual loss of the insured, not exceeding the actual amount paid for the corresponding goods, not exceeding the amount returned to the buyer, and not including any form of benefits enjoyed by the right holder. The benefits include but are not limited to store bonus, store coupons, gold coins or other benefits, etc.
(3) For those determined by the insurer to be within the scope of compensation, after the insurer confirms receipt of the goods and approves the loss, the claim payment will be transferred to the insured's claim payment receiving account.

5. For the goods delivered to the return warehouse: if the insurer's claim is approved and the payment is completed, the ownership of the goods will belong to the insurer; if the scope of claims and claim rules are not met, the goods that will not be claimed will be picked up by the insured or the buyer (depending on the ownership of the goods) within 15 natural days from the date of claim adjudication by contacting the warehouse through the platform customer service, and if they are not picked up after the time, they will be uniformly disposed of by the warehouse. The insurer will not bear any responsibility or cost.

6. In the course of the agreement, if a dispute arises between the two parties, it should be resolved in a friendly and consultative manner. Please contact us via this email if you have any questions.