EU Stock - RIDMII Hero Unique Design Realistic Love Dolls Silicone Head TPE Body Medium Breasts Cute Sex Doll (FREE 2ND HEAD)

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EU Stock Available

Average: 2-7 business days delivery
Discreet: 100% Discreet and Free Shipping
Standing Feet: YES

Packing List:

1 * Random Free TPE Head + TPE Body (Average 2-5 Business Days delivery from California, US)

1 * Silicone Head as pictures showed (7-10 Days delivery from Factory)

Head Material: Silicone & TPE

Body MaterialMedical Grade TPE

Advantage of Silicone Head: Realistic, looks more beautiful than TPE head.

Advantage of TPE Body: Soft, more similar to human skin, better to use.



1. This doll features with wheat skin color, medium breasts, she has perfect body, beautiful pussy, perfectly toned thighs and round ass, she wears her hair in a bun, her maturity reveals a little cute.
2. She is made of realistic silicone head, soft TPE body, which make that beautiful girl have solid but elastic skin like human skin. Her vagina and anus are all available for your thrust.
3. There is standing feet in her body to support she can stand like a human being, she is standing at the table with intense sexual desire waiting for you now.

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