RIDMII 163cm Isidora Full Silicone Blowjob Sex Doll #F1 Realistic Oral Sex Adult Love Doll

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1. Isidora is a fashionable full silicone blowjob sex doll. She has attractive long pink hair, wears crop top and shorts, the girly outfit makes her look more energetic, like a powerful girl band leader.
2. She features with delicate face, big boobs, thin waist, seductive vagina and thighs, pat her wobbling chest and butt gently, your happiness will start with that wonderful foreplay.
3. Made of silicone material, she is soft and flexible to be posed in any sexual position according to your requirements. She is ready to have oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex with men who are strong and muscular. Are you the man she is looking for?




Height: 163cm
Body length: 145cm
Weight: 41kg
Bust: 83cm
The waist: 53cm
Hip: 92cm
Underbust: 61cm
Shoulder width: 33cm
Arm length: 63cm
palm: 15cm
Sole of foot: 21cm
Thigh circumference: 90cm
Vaginal depth: 16-18cm
Anal depth: 15cm
Package: 150×43×32cm

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