RIDMII Pallas 150cm #132 Small Breasts Genie Sex Doll Realistic Cute Elf Love Doll

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Height: 150cm
Bust: 71cm (27.95")
Waist: 49cm (19.29")
Hip: 76cm (29.92")
Oral Depth: 12cm (4.72")
Vaginal depth: 17cm (6.69")
Anal depth: 15cm (5.91")
Net Weight: 27kg (59.52lbs)
Billing Weight: 32kg (70.55lbs)
Package Size: 138*38*25cm (54.33*14.96*9.84inch)



1. Pallas is a cute and small Genie sex doll, she is made of TPE material, her skin touches soft and comfortable, bringing you a feeling like a real girl. She can do any sex positions you like, you will be amazed that she can have oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex with you. Just enjoy the sexual pleasure.
2. She comes with pointed elfin ears, liquid eyes, cherry lips and pink brown hair, she looks so innocent and pure, like an elf unpolluted by the world. Take her home and you will have the opportunity to date with that pretty genie.
3.You can customize your dream elfin characters by using custom eyes, breasts, vagina, pubic hair, wig, shoulder, etc.


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