158CM TPE Sex Doll Electric Adult Love Doll

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  1. Standard configuration version (no built-in battery, need to be plugged in when using)

     ■Power adapter: power input voltage 100V—240V, output voltage/current 24V/3A

     ■Certification Standard: Power CE

  1. Charging configuration version (built-in battery, use after fully charged)

     ■Battery voltage: working voltage 22.2V, no-load voltage 24V.

     ■Charging time: 1.5h fast charge.

     ■Using time: Fully charged, can work continuously for 5 hours.


No complicated operations, just turn on the switch, it will work



When using the moving doll, it should be used on the soft bed to avoid sharp or hard objects damaging the skin. Please adjust the doll's posture before playing with the doll. It is forbidden to adjust the posture or turn over when playing with the doll. Please turn off the switch or cut off the power when adjusting the posture of the doll. Please let the doll rest for 10-30 minutes after playing the game for more than two hours. After each interaction, please clean, powder and maintain the doll.
Please note: We will not be responsible for skin pricking or mechanical damage caused by improper use.



These body can make moving dolls:

 If you need other sizes, please contact customer service for quotation

140cm small breast,140cm big breast,145cm,155cm flat breast,158cm small breast,160cm big breast,162cm,163cm big breast,164cm,164cm muscle,165cm small breast,166cm muscle,167cm small breast,168cm big breast,170cm small breast.170cm big breast


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