BestRealDoll’s story started in June 2017 when Andy Smith, a well-known sexologist from Germany, set up his own doll research and development company in the United States.

Andy had previously led a laboratory team to develop dolls that were comfortable and easy to use, more flexible and changeable, and more wear-resistant. However, after several trips and inspections, he discovered that the United States has the world's leading and most reliable doll production. Here he could push the bounds of doll production, application and development to create more advanced ideas and designs.

To stay focused on his founding purpose, the doll brand he created was named BestRealDoll.

Since its foundation in 2017, BestRealDoll sales and reviews have proved that Andy Smith achieved his goal of producing the most realistic sex dolls. In 2018-2019, BestRealDoll expanded with branches in North America, Asia and Europe.

The establishment of more branches enables BestRealDoll to better service its customers with dolls that perfectly fit with needs and desires to offer a first-class experience.

If you are looking for a playmate to improve your quality of life, you will find her right here.

Production Process


Based on the premise of material safety, high quality and reliable packaging, BestRealDoll aims to provide users with comfortable, pleasant, flexible, and highly realistic dolls. We continuously develop and improve our products and introduce more good-looking, high-quality dolls in order to meet diverse needs, enhance the lifestyle of users, and achieve the purpose of soothing users’ hearts, satisfying desires, and exploring more pleasure.


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