We support 7-day return service, it is only available for orders placed within 7 natural days of delivery. So buyers need to apply for a return within 7 natural days after receiving the goods. Click here to learn more.

1. The customer needs to pay a 20% handling fee + shipping fee + return shipping fee if they want to return within 7 natural days. 

2. The 7-day return service is only for orders shipped from overseas warehouses in some countries (USA, EU countries), factory shipments or customized orders or orders from other countries are not eligible for return service.

3. For In Stock Orders that are not shipped after payment, buyers can apply for order cancellation and refund within 6 hours after payment. A full refund will be made within 5 days.

4. For In Stock Orders that have been paid for more than 6 hours but not shipped, if the buyer requests to cancel the order and ask for a refund, the buyer needs to pay a 20% handling fee.

5. For In Stock Orders that have been shipped, the buyer must pay a 20% handling fee shipping fee, and return shipping fee if the buyer requests to cancel the order and request a refund.

PLEASE NOTE: No returns will be accepted after 7 days of delivery. All returned orders are subject to BestRealDoll's Return Policy!

For these situations of 7-day return service: the customer will be required to pay the shipping and return shipping fees and a 20% handling fee. The shipping fee + return shipping fees + 20% handling fee will be deducted from the total payment amount, and the rest amount will be refunded to the customers.

1. The 7-day return service is only available for orders placed within 7 natural days of delivery.

2. For orders where the customer refuses to accept the package after shipment or requests to cancel the order after shipment.

3. For orders that are returned due to incorrect address provided by the customer or delivery failure due to other reasons.

4. For orders that are returned to us after the customer requested pickup at a UPS/Fedex Express location but did not pick up the order within the specified time.

5. When placing an order, please note the address of the pickup point and leave a message to customer service, no message or note specified location, we will randomly select the logistics delivery. The buyer will need to pay the shipping and return shipping fees and a 20% handling fee if the package is returned because it was not picked up in time due to an address issue.

6. All returned products will be strictly inspected. If we found the doll is damaged or used in a way that makes it impossible to sell it again, we will show pictures or videos of the inspection and refuse to issue a refund.

7. please make sure that the packaging is as intact as when we shipped it, and that the inside of the box is as sturdy as when we shipped it wrapped when you return it, if the box is broken, please replace the box, the broken box will easily cause damage to the doll during transportation. Otherwise, if the doll is damaged in transit and cannot be resold due to a broken outer box or poor packing, we will not issue a refund!


Defective items 

If the outer box or outer package comes with badly damaged when delivered, please refuse to accept it and ask for compensation from the courier company. If the doll is defective, please contact us within 3 days of delivery including the pictures or videos of the defective part. According to your problem, we will provide one of the solutions below:

  1. A full product replacement
  2. A door-to-door repair
  3. Free repair tools
  4. A partial refund

Incorrect items

If you find that the product you received is not the one you purchased, please email us with a picture of the doll that you received. We will check the picture against your order to confirm if it is incorrect. If the picture confirms it is the wrong item, we will send a replacement or a full refund at our own expense. You may also keep the incorrect item.

In order to receive a free replacement, you must contact us within 3 days of delivery with proof of the incorrect item. After 3 days, we will not arrange a replacement or refund.

7 Days Return & Exchange Service

BestRealDoll Supports return and exchange service within 7 days after you place the order if you can meet the following conditions:

1. Only for in stock orders.
2. No wrong dolls or misdelivery.
3. No damage to the package.
4. The doll is intact and has not been opened.

Customers who meet the conditions for return will be required to pay the following fees.

1. 20% handling fee (including production, packing, shipping, and other operational fees)
2. Shipping costs for shipping and return shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: No returns will be accepted after 7 days of delivery.

Customization Order

Please kindly note that, for all customization orders, we will not accept cancellations or refunds once production has begun.

Please note that any return/refund reasons about the dolls' weight or size(too heavy, too big, or too small) or the dolls' feature(too cold) will not be accepted, please understand the material characteristics of sex dolls, and please be aware of the height and weight of the doll before you place the order. A few error in measurement is acceptable, due to different temperature, measurement condition (lying down or standing), and measurement areas by different people. Thanks for your understanding. 


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